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Krish Garden, a New Addition to the Wings of the Jungle Beauty, Jhargram.

Jhargram sub-division of paschim medinipur turns into a district on 4th april, 2017. The jungle beauty jhargram held it’s head high on it’s own. It is the 22nd district of west bengal. Loaded with natural beauties of teak and shagun jhargram becomes a new destination for tourists with the charms of Krish Garden.

Composed of 10 acres area, this entertaining park is situated in salboni of jhargram. At a distance of 10 km from the station and close to NH6 highway make it easily accessible for tourists. For a single holiday plan, this park is just perfect and affordable. Once neglected, jhargram has now become a wonderful destination. After many setbacks jhargram finally gets it’s glory. The king’s palace is one of the attractions of it. Besides this the temple of Kanak durga along the river Dulung with it’s old 435 years history can simply make one amuse. Beautiful architectural structure of this temple which was sculptured in the reign of the king of chilkigarh and the peaceful worship of the deity make our heart soothing. Moreover, there are lots of place to visit like mini zoo, zoological park and many other places which make Krish Garden a total tourist package for atleast 7 days.